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Mission: Reaching souls through creativity.


Welcome to Crafting Fascination, the destination for unique gifts!

Words are very powerful. What we speak/ hear/ see impacts our life as well as others in many ways. So here we create unique pieces with scripture and motivational/positive quotes through which you could encourage someone. Remember, there's no better gift than words that inspire.

                   It’s always been the scripture that lifted me when I was down. After discovering how much joy crafting brought to my life, I decided that I needed to share my newly found passion with others. I'm here to help you discover and cultivate the uniqueness within you, to be creative every single day! Stay connected in You-Tube/ Instagram and Facebook. We also have our free worldwide shipping at our Etsy shop.

I'm so glad that you're here!



Hello I’m Dr.Shereen! the Resin Artist / Cricut Crafter & Calligrapher behind Crafting Fascination.


                                      I completed my doctorate in engineering in the year 2020 and due to my second pregnancy took a career break. During that period, I started engaging my son (Sabbath Luke) in paper crafts. That’s how “the Mother's journey with the Child” started. We both together did few you-tube videos inspiring people by illuminating the child's imagination through Paper Crafts. Then gradually I got interest in calligraphy, floral drawings & resin art and finally started my entrepreneurship journey from November 2021 in handcrafted resin products. I don’t know what my future holds for CF, but I am trying to give my best each day that God has given me. As it is written “Commit your works to the LORD, and your thoughts will be established” I believe hard work brings rewards.

                                    I hope this page encourages and motivates you. If you want to learn making decorative articles by hand or buy handcrafted products then you’re in the right place.


Be a part of our journey and discover the great joy of crafting!